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Have you ever wondered how children run on seemingly boundless energy? The answer: Mitochondria!  

We derive 90-95% of our energy from our mitochondria. When young, our bodies are full of trillions of healthy cells, each containing healthy mitochondria, working around the clock to produce cellular energy, called ATP. However, as we age, our mitochondria begin to diminish.  

A decrease in mitochondria yields a decrease in ATP production. And, a decrease in ATP production yields a decrease in energy. This is why we turn to external stimulants (coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc.) to give us that needed energy boost.  

BUT... What if there was a NATURAL way to: 1) Reawaken your own biological production of mitochondria; and, 2) Increase their efficiency in energy output?  

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The Real Source of Energy and Staying Younger Longer is Mitochondria!

With such a fast-paced society there is always a need for more energy. Scientific research is pointing to a whole new direction for energy… the powerhouse of the cell the mitochondria… and we have it right inside our own body!  

Our body is made up of trillions of cells working around the clock. Whether it’s the heart, lungs, brain or muscles. Within each of these cells exists what is responsible for most of our energyit is called the mitochondria.  

Mitochondria are our cells tiny powerhouses, in charge of taking in the air we breathe and the food we eat and converting them into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) or energy. ATP energy powers most of our cells metabolic activity. In fact, mitochondria create more than 90% of our cellular energy needed by our body.  

Science shows us that in our youth, mitochondria health is at an all-time high yielding maximum cellular energy output. But as we age, our levels of mitochondria diminish. A decrease in mitochondria can lead to a decrease in energy.  

WHY Mitochondria Matter: A single cell can contain between 100 to 2,000 mitochondria with the largest number being found in the most metabolically active cells, like those in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Stress and poor diets cause the mitochondria to malfunction and die off as we age.  

The Mitochondria Research Society reports 50 million U.S. adults suffer from health problems from mitochondria dysfunction. Common ailments often associated with aging such as memory problems, heart issues, and blood sugar concerns can be connected to a decrease in mitochondria.  




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